• 2018 Campaign Endorsements

Even though the campaign is over, I wanted to thank the many 2018 campaign endorsers who believed in our effort to bring common sense back to Eureka!  If you want more information about my campaign back then, you can read it here.  Otherwise, the many endorsements we earned in 2018 from concerned citizens are below.  


"Hardworking taxpayers across California pay some of the highest tax burdens anywhere in America. Anthony Mantova believes in fiscal responsibility and lower taxes--and that's why I fully support him for city council.

-- Jonathan Williams, author and economist


"I was very pleased when I learned that Anthony is seeking office in his home town.  I remember him as a student well.  He is a very smart, hard-working, honest, and decent young man.  He understands well the principles of politics.  He knows that the purpose of government is limited to securing the safety of citizens from criminal predators and securing liberty to pursue happiness for all citizens.  I am confident that he will do a great job in this position and serve the community of Eureka well."

--Dr. Mickey Craig, professor at  Hillsdale College


"If you live in Ward 1 of the City of Eureka vote for Anthony Mantova for City Council. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Anthony on community projects and he actually cares about all people. Many people complain about Eureka, he’s the one standing up to deliver serious and needed change for all of Eureka! If you are as tired as I am about the continued failed policies of the current City Council, vote for Anthony Mantova! Turning the City around starts with Anthony Mantova! Please get out and VOTE!"   -- Joe Filgas 


"Anthony's platform is practical and ideologically neutral. I believe that his approach is good for Eureka."

--Jeffrey Smoller


"Anthony Mantova has the vision, the ability and stamina to help make Eureka the place it used to be.  Eureka can be a safe place to live and love living.  Please help support Anthony Mantova for Eureka City Council in Ward 1.  Let's fix this!   --Aaron Dean


Bret  Alexander

Frank Anderson

Chet Albin

Austin Alley

Ken  Anglin

Doy Antognazzi, Founder of The Broom Brigade

Joe Arellano

David  Banther (lives outside Humboldt)

Liz Bagnell

Jesse Bagnell

Paul  Bareilles 

William Barnum, Attorney

Gene and Rachel Bass

Bill Bertain, Attorney

Doc Blackwell

Shane Blackwell, Take Back Eureka

Vic Blanc

Dolores Blanc

Becca Blanc

Aron  Blanchard

Rex Bohn, Humboldt County Supervisor

Joe Bonomini

Marian  Brady, Designer

Rick  Breen

Jeannie Breslin

Greg Brown

Patty Callison

Tim Callison

Pierre  Carbonneau

Aimee'  Carbonneau-Carroll

Matt  Casagrande

Tina  Christensen

Melinda Ciarabellini

Pete Ciarabellini

Anthony Clark

Priscilla Condon

Tom Cookman

Shevia Cornett

Michelle Costantine, Take Back Eureka 

Dr. Mickey Craig (Professor at Hillsdale College)

Ross Creech

Bob Crivello

Carole Crossley

Sean Culler

Gene Davenport

Shelly Davis

Tommy Davis

Aaron Dean

Bruce and Peggy Dewsberry

Dave Drennan

Bryan Enior

Waltz Ernest

Mary Ann Evans

Joe Filgas

Millicent Franzblau

Ian Gambina

Ralph Giannini

Nancy Giannini

John Gierek

Bill Gillespie, Former Fire Chief 

Dean Glaser

Heston Glenn (outside resident and entrepreneur)

Drake and Anna Goodale

Justin Grimaldo, Video Genius

Haley Gurr

Bryan Hall

Rebecca  Hani

Robert  Hanback

Gary Harner

Kaylynne Hartman

Steve Helgeson, Guitar Builder

Moonie Higginson

Alaina Hoisington

Miri Holliman

Bill Honsal, Humboldt County Sheriff

William F Honsal

Mike Howard

Timothy Huff

Nick Hughes

Karl Hulstrom

Dennis Hunter

Ray Jerlind, Former Humboldt County Assessor

Tara Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Johnny Johnson

Brian and Tonya Kovaks

Dr. Daniel Krauchuk

Rus Krause

Diane Larkin

Brian Larsen

Deborah Lasko

Linda Lee

William Lee

Chris Lehto

joAnn Snyder Lemos

Craig Lemster

Bobby Lucas

Alan Nielsen

Lindy and Jeannie Mantova

Nick Mantova

Matt Mantova

Stella Mantova

Dennis Mayo

James McBride

Bill Mclendon

Dennis McMullen

Larry McNeil

Jon Mell

Connie Miller

Roger Miller

Corky Mitchell

Annette de Modena

Ken Musante

Mike Newman, Former Eureka City Councilman

Linda  Olson

Jennifer Olson

Rich  Olson

Stacia O'Neil

Aaron Ostrom

Scott Ostrom

Candice Painter

James Pastori

Jim Pell

Dave Perrier

Debbie Provolt

Monte Provolt 

Jeff and Janine  Ragan

Gary Rogers

Valerie Reed-Hall

Dale Rhodes

Elya Rutlealge

Aaron Sanlifer

Jennifer Schwartzberg, Life Coach

Louie Shaha

Karin Shaw

Daniel  Showalter

Pejman Simawian

Barry Smith

Jeff Smith

Shawlyn Smith

Slater Smith

Garret Simpson

Stan Stamps

Rich Stenger

Ed Stormer

Patty Sue

Ryan Sundberg, 5th District Supervisor

Michael Dallas Swan

Brandy  Taylor

Philip Throssel

Tom Throssel

Liz Tieck

Ryan Tieck

Michael Tiller

Ken Tinkham

Alan Tirsbeck

Betsy Totten

Charlie Tripodi

Kyla Tripodi

Robert Tuel, Take Back Eureka

Dave Varshock

Dave Westin

Harry E. Wilcox

Pete and Dianne Zuleger