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I've called this home for most of my life.  My ancestors worked in the dairy, logging and carpentry trades over four generations in Humboldt County.  Nine years ago my brothers and I purchased Two Street Music, an instrument retail store in Old Town, Eureka.  After some hard work, Mantova's Two Street Music is now a stunning success, with a large offering of inventory and a vibrant online-sales division. Our retail store has become the favorite destination of locals and travelers.  In fact the music industry has taken notice of it, with several articles in trade magazines

I've worked really hard to expand the market-share of my store.  We were the first ever Humboldt County business to team up with Pointy, an Irish tech startup that uses innovative technology to elevate brick-and-mortar retailers in the modern world. 

As Humboldt County's economy has begun to change dramatically, we launched an ambitious plan to sell inventory online.  Teaming up with a funding platform from the locally-sourced Redwood Region Economic Development Commission, our online sales operation has become so successful that we were able to create two full-time jobs that offer a challenging and fun environment for the employees.  

Business innovators enjoy sharing their success and learning new strategies,  I have penned thought columns that have been shared in  Music and Sound Retailer.  

Over those challenging years I've gained an understanding of the thoughts, concerns and dreams of residents living in Eureka.  When I talk to my neighbors, they tell me what is needed:  clean streets and economic opportunity.  I've explored solutions for these problems and have provided radio community comments twice a month on the KINS 106.3 FM News Radio channel.

These community comments have covered several issues facing humboldt county residents.  Including:

*Affordable Housing, and the trouble with rent controls

*An innovative way to improve the controversial Needle Exchange Ordinance 

*Reducing the number of criminal drug addicts on our streets

To listen to more, click here!

As a business owner, it is my obligation to provide a value-added aspect to everything that I do.  When we announced our kick-off celebration for the campaign, I decided that we could add a nice bonus, if we cleaned the Humboldt County Library beforehand.  The event was a double success! We cleaned up 8 bags full of trash and recovered over 4 syringes.  The announcement brought over a dozen people for the cleanup and we enjoyed a crowd of over 50 people during the kick-off speech.  A great time was had by all!

Another benefit that a business owner can provide is massive action.  Business owners set goals each day in order to stay focused.  The only way to accomplish long term goals is with massive action.  For example, It is possible to reduce the number of criminal drug addicts on our streets, but it will require a massive action that coordinates local government and private entities. 

     #We need Eureka police to continue enforcing camping and panhandling ordinances.

     #Our area needs to embolden our code enforcement personnel, as they bring attention to derelict buildings whose owners have allowed them to become havens for drug dealing. 

     #We have to get smarter about the role private enterprise can play, as we have a unique leader in John Shelters "People of New Directions," a private business that hires homeless people and delivers landscaping and cleanup services throughout the Humboldt County region.  

     #Charities like the Eureka Rescue Mission can bring essential services to people that have the willingness to seek help and recovery.  Groups like Betty Chinn can help the homeless reconnect with their families and assist with transporting them out of the area.

In the world of business, excellence is pursued by adding value to the customers' experience and applying massive action toward daily, monthly and yearly goals.  I intend to bring this model into my work as your City Councilman. 

Why do we never hear our local officials talk about successes and goals for the future?  Because we have the wrong City Council members!

I am Anthony Mantova and I need your vote for Eureka City Council Ward One.  Together, you and I can change the direction of Eureka. There is still time to place Eureka on a course toward economic prosperity and safe streets.  However it will require that you vote for a businessman who is not afraid of challenging the status quo!  

Click here to see if you live in Ward OneGet Involved!  I welcome your thoughts!

Anthony Mantova for Eureka City Council Ward One - ID# 1406204