• Beware California AB5

His words are just as true today and they were two thousand years ago. "The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state." His name was Tacitus, and he knew what he was talking about. During his life he witnessed the corruption of the Roman Empire, as favor and influence were for sale. 

The new California law AB5 is causing a ruckus in Sacramento and throughout the rest of the state. When a bad law is passed the right thing to do is repeal it quickly and mitigate any damages that have been caused through the court system, but that is not how we do things in California.  Unfortunately we are a so called direct democracy which means we are more prone to add amendments and exemptions to our laws.  By definition, an exemption benefits one group with protection while everyone else is left out in the cold, and the only way to stay warm is spend a lot of money on professional accountants and attorneys to stay in compliance with the new poorly thought out law.  

AB5 is no different. Except it directly targets the poor and middle class families that are looking for legitimate side hustles to supplement their income.  The exemptions that are granted will be sold for the highest dollar, behind closed doors and will be purchased by powerful unions and corporations.  Many perfectly legit independent contracting type occupations will not get protection any time soon.  I worry about all the musicians out there that make money with gigs. 


Just another reminder that when a law is passed, you must weigh the unseen costs against whatever the law promises to accomplish.  AB5 was intended to reign in the Uber app, and the cost is the financial disenfranchisement of millions of poor to middle income people.  Sacramento should be ashamed of itself. 

Today happens to be a primary Election Day. While it might seem like your vote doesn't matter, even in California, your vote still has importance. While many good people are fleeing the state, many of us have chosen to stay.  Our voice still should matter. Please take the time to vote 

It is sad to drive around eureka and see the hand painted Bernie for president road signs  - I highly recommend you go to your local book store and purchase a new book called Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweitzer - he has done a mountain of research and he documents the corruption of Bernie Sanders as well as some other prominent people running for President.  Bernie is unfit for office because he has zero experience in the private sector and has made his living creating dubious cash flow opportunities the flow to himself.  Not a good person and certainly not the forward thinking leader that the greatest country in the world deserves. Please buy peters book to learn more!

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