• FRAUD! Election Shenanigans 2020

Just a friendly reminder that Algore thought he was president for 37 days. (1)

I would encourage you not to celebrate Joe Bidens win just yet. If you think Donald Trump is going to allow massive voter fraud-- think again. Main stream media outlets are not doing a very good job reporting all of the shady business going on with ballets.

Let's start with the strange things happening in Nevada.  Last Saturday a whistleblower in Nevada who processed mail in ballots swore in affidavit that he witnessed illegitimate processing, including witnessing individuals count mail in ballots without verifying the signatures.  He also claims that he was told to ignore discrepanices with mail in addresses.  (2)

In Michigan, Suspsicous Election Software was found to convert thousands of Republican Votes for Trump into Biden Votes.  While this situation was corrected, unfortunately the same software is being used for counting, in mulitple states, some of which are battleground states.  Two counties in Georgia report that their voting machines crashed because of the software.  Election officials say that over 80 thousand absentee ballots were affected by the glitch.  There is more on this software story, but i have so much more to talk about! (3)

Affadavits coming in from Detroit Michigan, where Two observers claim they witnessed election workers create new voter files with information obtained from ballots that were not on the official list. I quote " Every ballot was being fruadulently and manually entered in the Electronic Poll Book as having been born on January first Nineteen Hundred."  He continues to say "This last batch of ballots was processed in the 8PM to 10PM time frame.  When asked how all these people could have been born with the same birthday in year 1900 he was told that the instructions came down from the Wayne County Clerks Office.

A third observer reports what many people have been talking about, that crazy moment when observers were shut out of the Counting Center and the windows were blocked with pizza boxes and other cardboard so nobody could watch.  This third observer also noticed the year 1900 silliness on the birthdays, but she was told that the election workers would need time to alter the birthdays so it didnt appear suspicious. 

In Pennsylvania, Trump achieved his first election win in the Supreme Court, as the highest court in the land ordered Pennsylvania election boards to separate the count of mail in ballots that arrived after election day.  

In Arizona, Trump filed a lawsuit pointing out that in-person ballots were improperly rejected in Maricopa County.

The traditions of our 10th Amendment (4) give the states a lot of control over their affairs, and historically each state is responsible for a fair and transparent handling of its ballots, but what happens when several states get chock full with corrupt public officials and partisan vote counters?  It's up to the Supreme Court and the Nations Justice Department to act.  We should see very public activity from both this week.  I know the Supreme Court doesn't like to be rushed, but the potential stealing of an election is literally the most important thing going on this week.  The justice department is also not known for rushing anything, but the only way the election of 2020 gets handled fair in square is if these two bodies get to work.  The mass media has failed to cover the many cases of potential fraud because they want Biden to Win.  Even worse, the censorship from big tech has shown just how reliant we have become on Google and social media for our sources of information.

The good news is that President Trump is not afraid of going to court, so we are in for a wild ride that will make the Algore Bush Saga a walk in the park.



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