• Have a plan for your cashflow Part 2

Last time we talked, it was about the importance of having a plan for cashflow.  It's a fine thing to be stocked up on water, food and toilet paper, but without cash flow, you won't have the ability to restock critically important supplies.


While many of us are waiting for government disaster loans and relief, please remember that sitting around waiting for the government is not a plan, it is a hope.  For many of us, the diaster loan application process was not a smooth one, and now things are delayed.  We are a special country, indeed, the Business of America is Business.  Each of us is responsible for raising our own cash flow, always have been.


I mentioned last time that eBay was running a promotion where they will allow you to post a certain number of listings for free.  I took advantage of their offer and have sold several small items, bringing in a much needed $200.  While that isn't  much money, it was a welcome trickle of cash flow and I used it to pay the monthly utility bills.  Where can you find stuff to sell?  You can do what I did and make a deal with parents and relatives, somebody in your circle has stuff that can be sold.


And that's exactly the point, I want to encourage you again, use your Stay at Home time to create cash flow.  If you have art skills, get to work.  At the very least take your sketches and put them on eBay.  If you feel like you are making top shelf art that would sell in a vareity of formats, then you can make an account on Fine Art America, where their service will take your art and sell it to the public on canvas or even Metal.  They take a big piece of each sale, but who cares?  The point right now is to bring in cash.


If you are like me and can't even draw a straight line, then maybe help an artist who is afraid of selling.  Help sell their work online and split the profits.  


The world of E-Commerce is as strong as ever, and internet selling is where the action is.  Maybe you have seen me, my arms full of packages walking into the UPS store in Eureka.  While times are tough for all of us, please remember we are living in the greatest country ever, and there are millions of people looking for things to spend their money on.  Retail therapy is alive and well, and with a little effort you can be a part of it.  


Last time we talked, I mentioned the value of launching a GoFundMe as a source for creating leads.  I took my own advice and raised over Two Thousand six hundred dollars for a new recording studio that I am helping build.  On the page we offered big discounts for everyone that gave 50,100 or 500 dollars.  There is no reason you can't do the same thing with neighborhood service like mowing the lawn.  Maybe you should say that for your neighbors, if they give you $50 you will mow their lawn for a 4 month period of time.  While that is absurdly low, its a good deal and you will easily sell a couple of those plans. Boom.  Cash in your pocket when it is more important than ever.  During a crisis don't get hung up on what you are worth, instead focus on bringing home cash for your survival.  Summer is around the corner, maybe you can wash your neighbors car or offer to help plant their garden.


Everyone is cooped up at home, many with money to spend, now is the time to breakout of your daily routine, get creative, and get that money.  That is a much healthier approach than waiting for the government to help!


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