• LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support the Best - Vote Anthony Mantova

Special thanks to Annette De Modena for her heart-felt letter to the Times-Standard. You can read it below, or see the original here.


Anthony Mantova is a young man with an intelligence that belies his years on this earth. He is a well educated member of this community and a successful businessman.

Unlike those who work to besmirch his character, he is a steady, mature, reasonable voice who sees things clearly and has the courage to stand in the midst of all ugly accusations and not back down. What other candidate has been so maligned in these local races? Could it be because he is moderate in his thinking? When has that not been an important factor to the citizens of Eureka?

It is our duty as residents of this city and county to vote in candidates who will serve the people of Eureka and not a political philosophy. Vote Anthony Mantova for Ward 1, City Council.

Annette De Modena, Eureka

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