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You and I are ready for a change that involves:

Get Criminals off the Streets

+ We must reduce the number of criminal drug addicts roaming our streets!  This will require several solutions.  I think it starts by enforcing camping ordinances.  Currently there is a successful ordinance in Berkeley that keeps derelicts from congesting the streets and alleys, I believe we can add some of their fine points to our own local ordinance.

+ I have personally seen the number of drug-deals dramatically decrease on a city block when known "dealing centers" are closed by law enforcement.  It is crucial that EPD's Problem Oriented Policing unit continue their work to identify and close the many drug-dealing locations in Eureka.  Many of these locations are private property, so the landowners cooperation is a must!  

+  Our Eureka Police Department still has several empty positions on it's roster, this is causing the city to pay expensive overtime costs while adding an unfair burden to our police officers.



+ Eureka has a high number of empty storefronts.  What a difference it would make if our City Council invited businesses and industries to relocate to our area!  Leadership can go a long way.

+ Explore tax incentives for landlords to upgrade their buildings. Upgrades that add security would also be encouraged, such as adding privately funded security cameras and fencing.  

+ We need a City Council that supports commerce large and small.  A bustling marina, a port that works around-the-clock and a welcoming vibe for new businesses!



+ Demand that Humboldt County and Sacramento do their part to help Eureka fight crime and reduce the number of criminal drug addicts roaming our streets.  While the city is often the victim of bad state policy, engaged local leadership can get a lot accomplished!



+ Recognize the determined efforts of our local charities and clean-up groups like Pacific Outfitters and The Broom Brigade who are working hard to clean our streets of bio-hazardous needles and other debris.  The City has a responsibly to maintain safe parks and streets.  I've spoken to many parents who don't feel safe letting their children go out and play!  

+ Empowering successful rehabilitation programs while discouraging poorly-designed practices that enable addiction. 

+ Team up with homeless charities and volunteer-clubs that practice drug-testing and rigorous standards.  Groups like:

     -The Eureka Rescue Mission has a good success rate in it's 12-month program.  

     -John Shelter's People of New Directions, is a group that hires homeless people to provide landscaping services and trash cleanup


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