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Whoever runs the White House just announced that the ceiling fan in your home is a serious problem, and really needs to go!

That's according to the Environmental Protection Agency,  putting forward some new rules for Ceiling Fan Manufacturers too make the fans more energy friendly.  While that might sound good, remember that innovation for a better world rarely ever comes from the Nation's capital.  And as usual, the unseen problems from these rules outweigh the benefit.

House Republicans criticized the EPA mandate, pointing out that these rules will hurt American manufacturing, especially the smaller builders the benefit going to super large corporations that make things in China as cheap as inhumanly possible.  No word on if the Big Guy gets 10 percent when these overseas companies scoop up more marketshare.   In today's world it doesn't matter if  US ceiling fan manufacturers close, as long as the Biden family gets a piece of the action.  

While the GOP is correct that these EPA rules will make it impossible for US builders to compete, there is a much bigger downside to over regulating the ceiling fans that you buy to keep yourself cool throughout the year.  The biggest and best argument is that this is just another example of a national regulatory agency stripping away more freedoms from you and I.  (1)

Politicians love to use the regulatory agencies for the hard stuff.  That constant adding of rules to the great many agencies that reside in the Executive Branch is business as usual.  The really bad laws actually come from those agencies, not from the Congress.   Congress is where the tv cameras, the bribes and the distraction happens, the real damage to your American life are these sneaky rules and police actions that get created and carried out in the executive branch.

If you remember your Eigth Grade civics education, this is not how it is supposed to work.  Legislators figured out that it makes more sense to push the hard work of making laws over to the Executive Branch, that way the laws get made and no blame ever falls on the men and women in Congress.  This handshake gave both branches what they want, the Executive has collasal power to pen and enforce law, and the legislators can a valuable commodity, they gain time.  Without the need to make lots of important laws, they have more time for handshakes, televised commitees that solicit donations from interested viewers and special interests that understand the new way things work.  

They think with Trump out of the way, whoever runs the White House is switching gears and taking America back the Obama-Era nonsense that of controlled shrinkage and influence peddling.  And For us Californians who lost the right to buy small gas motors, the loss of good ceiling fans, is just not cool with me!

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