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This is Anthony Mantova with your community comment

Raising taxes is often a sign that your leaders have run out of good ideas. That's exactly true for the city of Eureka, where Councilman Austin Allison recently went on the record, calling for yet another increase to our sales tax.  He says we need the money for the roads.

Last week I took a vacation to florida.  Traveled quite a bit on the roads both in the cities and countryside.  I couldn't find one pot-hole--the roads over there are immaculate--and so i figured maybe Floridians pay more in taxes?  

I checked with the Tax Foundation, which does a yearly study, ranking all 50 states from best to worst.  Turns out Floridians pay 1% less in sales tax than Californians--good start.  Overall, when considering property tax, corporate tax and sales tax, the Foundation ranks Florida as #4 in the nation.  California is #48  If you want to access the study itself, here is the link:


Maybe you can justify a tax increase when you have a competitive advantage like Florida, but here in California we need to make policy that attracts business, and brings in outside dollars.  Raising the sales tax will only force out more businesses and add more depression to an already rough local economy.

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