• Thoughts on The Line

So maybe You've heard about 15 minute cities, what if I told you they are building a 5 minute city in the desert. (1)

And its going to be quite a sight.  Located in Saudi Arabia, the new city concept begins construction, many people refer to it as The Line.

That's because the city will have no cars or roads and will be the smallest width city ever built.  The Line will only be 200 meters wide but will stretch a total of 105 miles long. The city will be very tall, plans are to make it higher than the Empire State Building and they call it a 5 minute city because all your needs can be found in a 5 minute walking radius.  The homes are stacked upon each other and without roads and cars its a lot easier to fit in all the amenities that you could ever need.

However if you do need to get to the other end of the city in a hurry, there are plans to build high speed rail that will carry you end-to-end in only 20 minutes.

Money is no object, and sure enough the city will cost many billions of dollars to build.

The Saudis believe that cities like this are the future, as it will have  1.5 million people living in it  by 2030.  Self enclosed with greenery on the top of the line and the renewable energy capture all over the place, The Line will be a city that you might find in any science fiction story.

The Line will certainly look like a world wonder once it's built, but is our technology really up this?  What's the hurry.  There is more than enough room for the population, and its not like a lot of people are moving to Saudi Arabia, in fact their population growth rate is about as low as it's ever been, so why pour so much money into a problem that they don't have?  Using the same billions they could build more lavish cities and improve the tax code if they wanted to increase their population, so why blow it all on The Line.(2)

The year 20-30 is a very special time for the globalists that I talk about sometimes.  As we see their 15 minute concept get bandied about in different parts of the world it's interesting to see Saudi Arabia lead the way.  A common theme with globalists that I've noticed is that they make a lot of decisions that don't seem to be for the actual good of human beings.  Without the cultural diversity that comes from not just city dwellers but also people from the farm and industrial worlds, can a thin but very long packed city actually survive and do well by its residents?  Where will the hog farms and big acres of crop land traditionally necessary for 1.5 million people to live fit in this strange new world?  If your city is only made of urban dwellers, that is a dangerous lack of needed talent for key sectors that all cities need.

I bet the price to move into The Line is reasonable, but the diet of plant-based lab grown meat will probably be a turn off for most of us, and in true globalist fashion, they will probably recommend that you eat your bugs.

No thanks, i'll stick to open skies and redwood trees.  Won't be Moving to The Line anytime soon. 


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