• This Vote is about Two Contests

Election day is around the corner and we have two big contests.  Because cheating is a thing, we voters have to make sure that we bring new people to the Vote by Mail Ballot process, as well as the election day vote as well.  If we can each bring 5 new voters to the polls in the main-in as well as the election day events, then we will overwhelm any of the efforts to cheat this year. Cheating cant happen in the blink of an eye, it takes for the bad guys to print ballots and then mule them over to the precinct or receiving box.  As we've learned from Greg Philips and his True the Vote team, the cheats are carefully made to look like a natural turnout.  If you and I each bring our friends family and neighbors to the polls, we make it a lot harder to cheat.


How can you get the vote out?  For Mail in Ballots its all about talking directly to your friends and neighbors.  Be bold and ask them to vote.  Make sure you call them in a few days to make sure they actually put their vote in the mail. 


In business the more hands you shake the more money you make.  Politics is similar.  We have a lot of new people moving here. Folks from central and southern California, and are selling off their  homes and using their big money to build dreams in Humboldt county.  These people are probably used to a more bustling atmosphere, but they want the same things we do.  Get to know them.  Too often we keep to ourselves when there are great opportunities to interact with new people.  


We are close to election day, so think hard about all the independents you know.  Could you nudge them your direction?   Call family in other states and make sure they vote too.  We are all in this together.


The True Ward System and now Ranked Choice Voting make it even harder for conservatives to win in Eureka. The true ward system makes the money spent in politics a lot less important and the role of door knocking imminently most important.  The radical left, armed with large groups of volunteers who have very flexible day job schedules, have proven to do a good job knocking on doors.


Door Knocking is always the answer.  If a candidate has any doubt about their changes for success, the answer is door knocking.  If a candidate thinks they are ahead in the polls.  That's nice--the answer is still door knocking.


Midterms always are lower vote turn out then presidential years.  Your efforts make a difference.  When it comes to a midterm election like this one, Each new vote that you bring to the polls is like a touchdown in a foot ball game, it matters that much.


You are not just a voter in California, in todays very connected world your attitude will carry across state borders and influence the voting in different parts of America.  Just because you know that the odds are not great in California, doesn't mean that your positive attitude will not help with your friends and relatives in different parts of America.  

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