• Vote this Tuesday! June 7th

By now you have gotten your ballot in the mail and this Tuesday is the day that you need to vote in the primary races.  


Please don't skip it. There are local races where your vote could make the difference.  Historically these primary races have less turnout, so statistically that means your voice carries a little more oomph.  There are so many reasons why its important to fill out that ballot and turn it in


At the local level, our county is having trouble paying it's bills and having a budget.  Your vote could shake up who is in charge and change that.


At the local level, the way we vote today on the County Supervisors race is perhaps even more important, as the difference could not be more dramatic.  Unfortunately when the dust settles on the supes, We will either have calm and reasoned decisions or we will have the same types of decisions that have plunged the Eureka City Council into where it has been the last few years.


At the state level, your attention is also needed on these candidates.  It is stunning how many state senate and gubernatorial candidates there are.  For those of us that are conservative, it is not as simple as voting for all the R's over all the D's, because sadly there are a couple R's that are Rinos and not actual conservatives that will bring meaningful change.  It takes time to study these races and make sure that you know not only who is running, but whether they are a Rino or a conservative.  


So Vote this Tuesday.  Treat the primary vote just as seriously if this were November.  There are so many crisises headed our way.  I just read that India is severely restricting how much sugar that country will export while the Russia/Ukraine conflict is hurting the supply of wheat.  Mr. Biden singlehandedly destroyed america's energy independence, and now news is coming out that he is clueless about how to address the baby formula debacle.  


In 2018 I attended a discussion where the speaker reported that the California voter rolls were at 144% capacity. While that is an impossible number, it means that there will be more fraud in todays race, as well as more fraud this November.  Your responsibility to vote is not just about having your voice heard, it is also to do your part to make sure that whoever is cheating, doesn't get to steal any races.   Electing a Secretary of State that cares about the accuracy of the voter rolls would be a good start.


I can't tell you who to vote for, but I can certainly encourage you to have a say.  


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