• Why the Pacific Northwest Railroad is great for Eureka!

3rd Edit:  1/8/19:  I've talked more with proponents of this project, and I am going to continue my support (for whatever it's worth!).  To read more, click here! We should be maximizing our potential, I believe this project is one of the ways of doing that.


2nd Edit to this page:  10/13/18,  additional articles have appeared in local media outlets questioning this project.  I have unfortunately not heard an update from the Railroad team.  I hope they are going to answer this year!  


Edit to this page:  On 9/12/18, Lost Coast Outpost raised some concerns with this project.  Upon reading their article, I called my friend Bill Bertain for a comment and answer.  I look forward to hearing the railroads' response!  For fairness, you can view the Loco Railroad-slam here!

As the debate continues, I am committed to projects that expand our economy, revitalize our ports and put more people to work!




A smart railroad means more jobs and revenues for our city!

(The pictures above feature a German Hydrogen prototype, photo credit here)


There is a large-scale project that could make Eureka a thriving city of living-wage jobs and tremendous opportunity for everyone.  It's the Pacific Northwest Railroad, and it's poised to deliver better quality-of-life for residents, the city and even our roads!

While there are a lot of details, the project is going 'full steam ahead!' (couldn't resist!)

Here's some bullet points for why Eureka will benefit from an East-West Rail:

Eco-Groovy:  The trains will burn hydrogen fuel, which is a win for the environment, as the rail-line will work toward a sustainable future.  


Union Jobs:  There are a high number of good paying union jobs that are essential for a flourishing rail and port.  Many of these occupations are union jobs and will provide compelling salaries that will result in stronger communities.  Union labor will also be contracted for more protracted dredging of the harbor


Infrastructure:  Any way you do the math, the rail line will produce record-level tax revenues for the City of Eureka.  The monies will help Eureka maintain it's roads in addition to infrastructure

I am one of the first politicians to publicly endorse the Pacific Northwest Railroad, and I look forward to hearing what you think of the idea! 

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