• Worried about Voter Fraud!

It's hard not to be concerned about voter fraud as we approach election day in a few months.  If most of the 50 states are going to stick to voting by mail, then its very likely that we will see serious delays in vote totals across the country.  The opportunity for fraud is high if ballots go to the mailboxes of people who have not requested them.


The idea of a working, healthy election is when the voters take an active interest in applying for an absentee ballot, or take the time out of their schedule to head to the voting place.  This participation from energetic, caring voters is a part of what gives our election it's legitimacy.  Simply leaving a ballot for every registered voter opens the door for ballot harvesting, as partisans talk to their disinterested neighbors, and fill out the ballot on behalf of that person.  And that's the polite definition, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what else could happen.  


Looking at the national election, the liklihood that our postal system is going to fall behind could trigger a constitutional crisis, as the deadline for deciding the presidency waits for the late arriving ballots to be counted.  I read the US Constitution looking for answers and it is vague on what happens in a situation where the counting takes a long time.  If the voting tallies show Trump and Biden in a close race, Expect shenanigans on Capital Hill, as people like Nancy Pelosi wrestle for control of the government.  


A situation where the postal service can't handle the ballots should never happen again.  The Mass media has done a poor job as usual, citing Trump as the cause of the Post Office problems.  The real reason our postal system is in trouble is because Amazon gets a special deal on their packages.  While you and I and businesses all have to pay a higher rate to ship packages, Amazon gets a sweet deal. According to views from the Wall Street Journal as well as a piece I just read in the Washington Examiner, Amazon pays nearly a Dollar Fifty less on packages than, well, everyone else.  So, stay with me here: If the US Postal system is partially subsidized by the tax payers because it can't make a profit, and Amazon gets a sweet deal paying a rate that reportedly nobody else of consequence can get, and we add the fact that the majority of USPS packages are amazon related, that means You and I are paying the difference, the US Postal System deteriorates, and the only winner left standing in the black, is well--Amazon.


I love business, and free markets and freedom.  What Amazon is getting away with her is none of those things, it's crony capitalism at its worst, and I hate to see our postal system fall apart as a result.  I think the answer for how we can save the postal system is pretty easy, simply tell Amazon to pay the fair market rate on shipping.  There.  Easy as that.

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