• Food Supply Shenanigans - a Second Look

Recently I talked with you about the strange occurrence of several of America's food processing plants catching fire, and other odd mishaps. Including a small plane versus building as well as a large fire that stemmed from a welding accident.


AT the time I wanted to put the information on the table because many people didn't know, and I figured it would be a one time topic, but since our last conversation more of America's food processing facilities have taken damage.  


Since we last talked, a frozen pizza manufacturing plant in Belmont, Wisconsin has caught fire, a business called Festive foods. Just like the last time, I have found credible online local news stories for each of these cases.  A lot of damage impacted the structure, especially on the roof.  The bottom line, local authorities are recommending the building be demolished.  Thankfully nobody was hurt.  (1)


Another Fire at a food processing factory happened at JBS Meat Packing in Green Bay.  This one originated from inside the structure but ended up destroying the roof of the building, and will cost $30,000 in damages.  Thankfully nobody was hurt.(2)


Quite a bit of damage to the beef market, this story comes from New Hampshire ....

in Center Conway, New Hampshire.

East Conway Volunteer Fire Department

The night time fire broke outat East Conway Beef & Pork and fire crews spent 16 hours at the scene. Flames engulfed the building and crews were not able to save any of it. 


I am running out of time and yes there are more cases (3), but what is really strange is when you search for information on this topic on sites like Google, you are now getting presented with fact-check websites that google is putting in the top of the listings, these truthy sites are advising that all these fires are nothing to be suspicious about.   


I sure hope they are right.  If it werent for the local news outlets and independent journalists across America who are coving these strange fires then Google would have a much easier time downplaying it.  


When I first brought this story to you a month ago, I didn't see all these Google boosted Fact Check posts. 


I am not yet going to draw a conclusion, but With other 30,000 food processing plants in this country, hopefully America can keep the food coming.  Not only do you and I depend on it, but people from the world do as well.  


Very interesting stuff, I guess I will see you around at the grocery store!

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