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The people that run the world are not putting humanity first.


Let's start off with an easy one, California will ban the sale of gas powered cars in year 20-35. Typically the market drives innovation but this time it will be a regressive government that somehow will make sure that you will have enough power refill stations and other necessary infrastructure for these electric vehicles. This a Massive goal and obviously it will not work out smoothly, if at all. California can't even run a good website let alone figure out everybody's car fuel needs. Talk about Putting the fate of Californians in severe jeapardy for no good reason.


Moving on. Want to talk about One of the more notorious groups of globalists , the World Economjc Forum, has released a plan to build a gigantic 'space bubble" and the idea is to use this balloon to block a tiny percentage of the suns rays.


To quote directly from the site:

"The Space Bubbles research project proposes floating a "raft" made of frozen bubbles at the L1 Point – the point between the Earth and the sun where their gravitational pulls cancel out." (1)


We are told this could help with climate change but our first thought should be, does any one person or group deserve to have this much power? Nobody elected the world economic forum for anything. I think deciding just how much sun the planet gets is a little bit above anybodies pay grade.


But that is what makes a globalist a well, globalist. Their agenda is a world where you have no possessions, where you will have no carbon footprint and they really want you to eat bugs (2). Decreasing the population of the planet is also one of their focuses. The W E F also wants to remove privacy and track your human data in some of the most invasive ways imaginable. (3)


This is not conspiracy talk. Part of what makes W E F so sinister is everything I am saying is on their website. They are very open about what they want and I have sourced directly from their own webpages.

Now before you tell yourself that this group has nothing to do with you--think again-- the evil forces that finance the radical left world wide have teamed up with the World Economic forum. Several charismatic young leaders of countries are in their club, the prime ministers of France, Canada and several other countries. And even worse The people that installed Biden and stole the election, they are in that camp as well. The Same type of people that can imagine blocking the sun with a giant space bubble, share the same ideology as grassroots radical leftists that have been getting elected in city councils across America.


To add even more focus to the point, more info has come out about how communist China has been heavily influencing American politicians through blackmail or bribes, and recently we learned through Greg Phillips that

China has been targeting election poll workers and leaning on them as well. The data on this is coming out right now and it's very alarming...

and while China and WEF have separate agendas, they are all In agreement that The United States should no longer have a leading voice on the world

we all need to spend a little more time paying attention to who is running the show, before it's too late

This is AM with your CC.



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